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"Our wedding day in Cancun, Mexico was the most romantic, beautiful and very special memory for us.   This was not only true for us, the bride and groom, but also true for our seven children who were present to celebrate with us.
    "Our on-site coordinator was extremely organized and a very pleasant person to work with.  She was very calm and generally interested in not only sharing her advise, but listening to our ideas also.  She suggested a little grassy, tree-lined courtyard for our ceremony and then after the service, photos and videography on the beach.  She was 100% correct in suggesting that!  It was more private and pleasantly cool! 
    "She also coordinated the set-up.  We were very pleased with the table and the arch.  The wedding cake was delicious.  The flowers were beautiful.  We have received numerous compliments on those flowers!   The bouquets were larger and prettier than I could have ever imagined.  The photographer was polite and professional.  The videographer also worked diligently throughout that evening to produce a wonderful video tape that is so tremendously treasured.  We watched it every night for the first month of our marriage.  The music and photography were excellent.  We are pleased beyond words!
   "The minister who held our ceremony on August 3rd was the most pleasant surprise of all!  He spoke so candidly and warmly.  It was almost as if he knew us personally and wrote the service especially for us.  We were very touched by his sincerity.  And the judge who signed our papers also was a real blessing!   Once again her sincerity and warmth touched our souls.  The musicians, who played and sang during our ceremony, were a magical touch.  It was as if everyone there was actively involved in celebrating with us!
  "We would most highly recommend Weddings on the Move, Inc. to any couple who want, not only a financial bargain, but also, the weddings of their dreams!"

Most sincerely,
Patricia & Dennis

Cancun_AmyJason.JPG (653983 bytes)    "Our wedding day was wonderful from start to finish.  Since our on-site coordinator had everything ready, I was able to relax and go snorkeling in the a.m., enjoy lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon at the salon getting ready.   Everything was taken care of for us - so we could just enjoy and we did!
    "Our on-site coordinator made sure everything came together.  She was very friendly, helpful and you things were under control.  Anything we asked for from WOMI was done!  No detail was too small!  They steered us in the right direction anytime we were unsure about something.
    "I'd really like to reiterate that the entire staff at WOMI to our on-site coordinator to the photographer...everyone  did all they could to make our day special.
    "I would definitely recommend Weddings on the Move, Inc.!   They really make it happen.  some of the details and paperwork can seem daunting for far and away weddings.  They take the worry off your shoulders, you already have plenty of other things you need to be concerned with! 

Thank you!
Amy & Jason


"The weather was beautiful.  We all (myself, Michael & our 45 guests) spent the day on the beach and at the pool.  We relaxed in the sun all day.  We did not have one single thing to worry about.  We all took our time getting dressed and then we anxiously waited for 6:30 to arrive.  The scene could not have been more beautiful.  It was perfect - absolutely perfect!  Our on-site coordinator was incredible.   She was very patient and attentive to every detail.  She handled every last minute detail with ease.  The photographer was great!  I never imagined our photos would be so perfect.  He was very professional and I would highly recommend him!
Cancun_MarciMichael2.JPG (60249 bytes)

   "The setting was absolutely wonderful - the location was perfect.   Even the reception was planned perfectly.  We were very, very pleased.
   "I know it must have been difficult coordinating a wedding in another country with 45 guests, but everything went so smoothly.  All of my guests were shocked!  They all sincerely thanked us for inviting them to our wedding!
   "I would definitely recommend Weddings on the Move, Inc..   It is very difficult to arrange to be married in a foreign country without the assistance.  WOMI knew every requirement.  I felt very safe and comfortable - we were really able to enjoy our wedding thanks to WOMI!"

Marci & Michael


   "Just returned from Mexico and it was the best trip we will probably ever have!  We owe a tremendous amount of thanks to our on-site coordinator, the photographer, the videographer and the entire staff at WOMI.  Your service was perfect!  We were worried for awhile because you all seemed so casual about everything.  A little more reassurance would have been more helpful to us nonbelievers!!!  On a scale of one to ten...I give Weddings on the Move, Inc. a 12.5...BRAVO! Look forward to many referred future clients!

Sonya & Gordon

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"We had a very quiet romantic wedding on the beach with only the pastor and the on-site coordinator.  Our on-site coordinator was extremely friendly, polite, courteous and punctual.  She turned our wedding day into something extra special.  Our wedding could not have gone any smoother.  We definitely would recommend Weddings on the Move, Inc."

Doris & Joseph

"I could write a book to describe our wedding day!  Our wedding day was wonderful...imagine white sands, with turquoise waters, beautiful scenery and sun...because that is what we had!   We had no hassles of families or people telling us what to do!  It was the best day of our lives!
   "Our on-site wedding coodinator was excellent.  She was most helpful and really cared and fulfilled our needs for our wedding day.  Weddings on the Move, Inc. definitely provided us with a romantic wedding day.  Everything was a perfect 10 and we were in no way dissappointed.  Our wedding was just how we wanted it!
   "Weddings on the Move, Inc. was excellent because we booked our wedding 2 weeks before flying to Cancun.  The speed in which the wedding was arranged was most admirable.  We would definitely recommend people to get married in a far and away destination and use Weddings on the Move, Inc."

Emma & Tim

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