Is my wedding legal?
YES!  The U.S. statute states that a marriage performed abroad which is valid under the laws of that country is generally accepted by any state.  All legal weddings in Mexico must be performed by a judge.  After having a civil ceremony with the judge, you may also have a religious ceremony.   Ceremonies with the judge and/or minister can be performed at your resort.  All Catholic ceremonies must be performed in a church.  You will receive a marriage license in Mexico.  Upon receiving your contract and deposit, Cancun Weddings will confirm your wedding date.  Once your wedding date is confirmed with the officiant, Cancun Weddings will provide you with a list of current marriage requirements.
Do I get a marriage license in the states prior to traveling?
NO. You will get a marriage license in Mexico.  After your ceremony, you will be given your marriage certificate from Mexico.  This document is in Spanish.  If you would like a translated copy of your marriage certificate when you return, our office can assist you with these translations.  
What are the marriage requirements?  Do I need a blood test?
The marriage requirements in Mexico vary from city to city and judge to judge.  In addition, the marriage requirements change frequently throughout the year.  Once Cancun Weddings confirms your wedding date with the official, you will receive a current list of marriage requirements. Our on-site coordinators will ensure that all your documentation has been approved prior to you leaving on your trip.  

Blood tests are required for most destinations in Mexico.  Each city has its own set of requirements for these tests.  Our staff will advise you of the necessary information.  

What is a symbolic ceremony?
Some couples prefer to do the legal ceremony in their home city prior to traveling to Mexico.  In their home state, they marry with a justice of the peace and Cancun Weddings arranges a religious or non-denominational ceremony for them.  The religious ceremony is not a legal ceremony, rather it is a symbolic ceremony.   
Does it matter what day of the week I have my wedding on?
Yes. If you are planning a destination wedding, you need to be flexible with the day you would like to marry.  If you are desire a wedding on the beach,  it is best if you don't choose the weekend because the beaches tend to be more crowded on those days.  Most officiants will not perform a ceremony on a Sunday.  

What's the best time of day to have my wedding so I can get the nicest possible photos?
Photographically speaking, the best time of day is late afternoon into sunset, this is when the lighting is most flattering. It will be cooler & more comfortable for you and your guests too. The worst time of day is ±10:00am to ±2:30pm when the sun is directly overhead. Direct overhead bright sunlight results in highly undesirable photographic lighting conditions, in addition, the temperature is often an uncomfortable 90° (& humid) during the mid day hours.

We are having a sunset wedding, what time should we start?
Check the sunset time for your wedding day; it varies between 5:00 to 7:30 with the shortest days in the winter. Cancun Weddings will evaluate your needs based on the amount of people you have and the size of your photo/video package and schedule your wedding to allow enough coverage time prior to sunset. For instance, if the sun sets at 7:00 on your wedding day and you choose a 90-minute photo package with 8 or less guests you will need to start your wedding at 6:00pm. This will allow the most desirable lighting conditions during your ceremony and then allowing coverage at sunset time on or near the beach. 

I am interested in the 36 - 4x6 photo package with negatives, does this mean the Photographer only takes 36 photos?
Yes, the photographer will take one roll of film.  In you are traveling with other guests or want to include more scenic photos, we always suggest upgrading to a larger package. Note - this answer applies to all photo packages, not just the 36 pack.

How much time should I allow and what photography package should I pick?
The package you choose depends on several factors:
  1. Number of people attending - the more guests you have the more coverage you will need so the larger the package needs to be. You cannot effectively capture a wedding with a 36-4x6-photo package if you have over 15 people unless you forgo the family and/or group shots.
  2. Does your wedding include cake, champagne, limousine, video, etc. - the more "goodies" your wedding includes, the longer amount of time the photography takes and a larger photo package may be required.
  3. Wedding Location. For instance, most hotels offer so much variety from lush vegetation to beautiful beaches that couples often choose larger packages to cover all the possibilities.

Can I get black & whites as well as color photos?
Yes, make sure you let us know you want black and whites as Black & White Photo Packages are available.

How long does it take to get my photographs and/or video?
Our Photographers & Videographers make every effort to have your wedding video ready for you before you leave Mexico.  It will take 2 - 3 days to get your photographs or video.  If you travel does not allow for you to stay these additional days, Cancun Weddings will make arrangements to have the photos and/or videos expressed to you.  

Are the negatives included in my package?
Yes, all the negatives are included.

Do you have any advice to help insure a "smooth" wedding day?
Relax! Together with the staff at Cancun Weddings, you have put a lot of time and energy into planning the perfect wedding and now that your special day is here, it is time to enjoy each other and the beauty of the moment - let the professionals at Cancun Weddings handle the details.

What can I expect from Cancun Weddings once I secure my wedding date with a deposit?
Once your contract and deposit is received, you will be sent a confirmation letter.  Cancun Weddings will schedule a conference call to go over all the details for your wedding.  Once all the details have been confirmed with our on-site staff in Mexico,  you will be issued a Wedding Itinerary which includes the date and time for your pre-wedding meeting with your on-site coordinator as well as all of the events for your wedding.  When you arrive into Mexico, you will meet with your personal on-site coordinator.  She will show you the wedding site and explain the wedding day's events.  She will also be present for your wedding day.  She will take care of all details and give you undivided personalized attention during your pre-wedding meeting and on your wedding day.  


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