Standard Flowers:   If you have selected one of our packages then you can choose from the Nosegay, Handtied/French or Cascading style bouquet. Then simply give your favorite colors to the wedding coordinator so the florist can create a truly beautiful arrangement for you.  Most brides traveling to Mexico, love the tropical bouquets you will find in this area.

Custom Flowers: If you have chosen one of our packages and would like to make specific flower choices (based on availability) then let your wedding coordinator know. Specific flower requests are an upgrade to your package because of the time involved and any specialty ordering that is necessary to obtain the specific flowers for your bouquet along with any extra labor charges that are required by the florist to create your masterpiece. Your wedding coordinator can obtain a quote from the florist and then discuss the details with you prior to making a decision.

Tropical Hand-tied Bouquets
Tropical flowers with greenery gathered together and tied with ribbon.

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Cascading Bouquets
A variety of flowers are arranged in a plastic oasis & are created to cascade in a waterfall style.

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Nosegay Bouquets
A variety of flowers are arranged in a plastic oasis & created in a circle style.

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French Hand Tied Bouquet
French or Handtied Bouquets
Roses that are tediously gathered together by hand, making a perfect circle, stems are wrapped with standard satin or chiffon ribbon & secured with pearl pins.
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A variety of flowers to match the bouquets can be used.


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Other Floral Options are available


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